Voucher Program

Convenient and flexible solution for when onsite clinics are not an option

Sometimes having a team of medical contractors onsite isn’t convenient or can’t be justified due to associated travel costs.  Skin Check Vouchers allow you to offer all staff the opportunity to get a comprehensive skin check at a clinic convenient to them. Staff simply select a clinic from our online database, schedule an appointment and hand it over the voucher on arrival at the clinic to redeem their free skin check.

  • Perfect for Both Small Business and Multi-Site Operations - Skin Patrol

    Perfect for both small business and multi-site operations.

    These vouchers streamline the process of promoting employee health and safety, making it simpler and more accessible for companies to prioritize their teams' well-being across diverse locations and workforce scales.

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    Redeemable nationally from any of our 100+ accredited skin cancer clinics.

    With our extensive network of over 100 accredited skin cancer clinics provides businesses with unparalleled flexibility and accessibility, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your workforce.

  • We Track Redemption Rates and Patient Outcomes

    We track redemption rates and patient outcomes so that you can track the impact of your program across your organisation.

    Allowing you to make data-driven decisions and continuously enhance the effectiveness of your employee health initiatives.