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Skin Patrol has your business covered with a range of both on-site workplace and off-site skin cancer clinics and programs, health and vaccination clinics and education programs.

 All services are available Australia wide

Voucher Programs

Skin check vouchers redeemable in 100+ accredited clinics nationally

Offer your employees the opportunity to see qualified medical professionals for private, confidential consultations within the workplace.

Skin Patrol’s core goal is to promote the early detection of health concerns through workplace skin and vaccination clinics. Increasingly, people understand the value of preventative health and wellbeing. Our mobile clinics are a simple and cost-effective way for you to offer employees regular, on-site skin testing for the early signs and symptoms of chronic disease.

By detecting the early signs of disease, employees have the opportunity to make lifestyle changes, seek early intervention and get treatment. In many cases, this prevents the onset of chronic disease. We aim to test, educate and empower employees to be responsible for their long-term health.

Skin Patrol Life Savers

Watch how Vicki saved her partners life thanks to the skin cancer education she received from Skin Patrol

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Early detection of Skin Cancer saves lives