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Want to run a cost-effective flu immunisation clinic at your workplace?Skin Patrol has you covered

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Onsite Flu Programs

Skin Patrol takes care of your entire onsite flu program, from logistics, promotion & all the way to rollout.

Skin Patrols employee flu vaccination programs are delivered by specialist immunisation nurses to ensure your staff get the best possible care.

All flu immunisation programs include

  • A dedicated project manager to organise clinic logistics
  • Promotional materials, including posters and emails, to drive staff engagement
  • A simple online booking system for your staff
  • Timely email reminders (because we all get caught up in our work)
  • Specialist immunisation nurses to administer immunisations
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Flu Immunisation Programs - Skin Patrol

What is “the Flu”?

Influenza is a respiratory illness that is caused by a virus. It is common to confuse flu with a bad cold.  Symptoms may linger for about a week and the feeling of tiredness can continue for several weeks.Symptoms include High Temperatures, headache, Cold Sweats, Shivers, aching joints and limbs, fatigue feeling utterly exhausted and in some cases nausea, vomiting and possible diarrhoea (more common in children than adults)

 When does the flu season hit?

The Flu season hits late Autumn, early Winter. 2017 was one of the worst flu seasons on record with 248,125  confirmed cases throughout Australia. The season peaked in  August  98,342 confirmed cases vs 29,421 in 2016 with 75,749 confirmed cases in September vs 24,216 in 2016.

How does the influenza virus spread?

Flu is highly contagious and is usually spread by the coughs and sneezes of a person who is infected. People infected with the flu are contagious one day before symptoms develop and five days after symptoms begin.

Protecting Your Employees - Skin Patrol

Protecting Your Employees

Advocating for flu shots is a logical action to yield a positive return on investment (ROI). However, you can enhance these outcomes by implementing educational and early intervention initiatives during the flu season to optimise employee involvement. These initiatives not only elevate employee participation but also reduce absenteeism, amplify productivity, and ultimately cultivate a healthier and more engaged workforce. By adopting this proactive strategy, you can solidify your commitment to employee health and well-being while reaping the benefits of a more resilient, robust and flourishing organisation.

When is the best time to be vaccinated?

  • Late Autumn or just before the flu season starts.
  • The vaccine take 7-14 days to provide full immunity 
  • Full immunity is provided for approximately 4 months

Protect your workplace against the flu. Implement a flu immunisation program today.