Meet The Team

  • Dr Alan Jones - CEO Skin Patrol

    Dr Alan Jones - CEO

    Dr Jones has almost 30 years of experience as a General Practitioner, and since 2012, he has focused on skin cancer medicine full-time.

    Dr Jones established the Chermside Medical Centre, where he was the Principal GP Registrar trainer and has continually advanced his surgical skills. As a Skin Cancer Physician, he worked at Molescan Chermside and Skin Patrol. In 2017, Dr Jones founded The Skin Cancer Doctor, taking skin cancer screening and treatment to regional and rural communities and putting his flying credentials to good use. Four years later, Dr Jones acquired Skin Patrol, which delivers skin checks in workplaces Australia-wide.

  • Dr Dan Morgan - Skin Cancer Doctor

    Dr Dan Morgan - Director

    Dr Dan joined The Skin Cancer Doctor in 2020, partnering with Dr Jones to bring the skin cancer clinics to the state of NSW. Dr Dan is a graduate of the University Of Notre Dame (Sydney), a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, and has completed a number of postgraduate Advanced Clinical Certificates programs in Skin Cancer Surgery & Dermoscopy with the Skin Cancer College Australasia (SCCA)

  • Dr Jaclyn Montefiore - General Practitioner (Skin Cancer)

    Dr Jaclyn Montefiore

    Dr Jaclyn (Jackie) Montefiore is a GP whose two major areas of professional interest are skin cancer medicine and weight management. She has experience working in a busy skin cancer clinic and educates her patients about the options available to diagnose and treat skin cancers. Dr Montefiore holds Professional and Advanced Certificates in Skin Cancer Medicine and a Certificate in Dermoscopy – the field of medicine concerned with examining the skin with a hand-held device (dermatoscope).

  • Dr Greg Williams - Skin Cancer Surgeon

    Dr Greg Williams

    A University of Queensland graduate, Dr Williams has 30 years of experience in medicine. For over 20 years, he has focused on General Practice and skin cancer surgery. Dr Williams graduated as a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 1998. He is also trained in skin cancer surgery, musculoskeletal medicine, palliative care and mental health.

  • Dr Tiffany Litvine - Skin Cancer & Cosmetic Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Doctor

    Dr Tiffany Litvine

    Dr Tiffany Litvine is an experienced skin cancer and cosmetic anti-wrinkle treatment doctor. She completed her medical training in Ireland in 2009 before completing her General Practice Fellowship in Australia, working in various city and country locations.

    Dr Litvine realised early in her GP career that skin cancer detection and treatment was her passion and obtained advanced clinical certificates in dermoscopy and skin cancer surgery through the Skin Cancer College.

  • Debbie Millwood - General Manager - Skin Patrol

    Debbie Millwood - General Manager

    Debbie is a highly experienced senior management professional with leadership expertise, strong work ethic and critical

    thinking knowledge and skills. All knowledge and skills are supported by tertiary qualifications. Experienced in meeting and exceeding sales, strategic KPI

    targets and providing a solution focused approach to achieving tasks and building successful teams through innovative and collaborative strategies.

  • James Orr  - Finance Manager

    James Orr  - Finance Manager

    James, a graduate in Commerce and Information Systems from the University of Tasmania, is a seasoned finance professional. With a passion for nurturing the financial health of SMEs, he excels in both local and global settings.


    James is known for his collaborative approach, providing financial leadership and strategic planning that translates into successful business ventures. Beyond finance, he's an enthusiast of health and fitness as well as having a strong interest in science and technology.

  • Jennifer Price - Skin Patrol's HR Specialist

    Jennifer Price - HR Specialist

    Jennifer is an experienced HR and recruitment generalist, managing the onboarding and smooth transition of all employees and contractors with training and information. Jennifer utilises her qualifications in business and psychology to ensure high level personnel management, employee engagement and strong systems administration. Jennifer supports the current team and assists with prospective team members in all areas of HR.