Well & Good episode 3 with Podiatrist Ben Westaway

Incorrect footwear is a leading cause of foot pain and injury in the workplace leading to absenteeism and lost productivity. In this episode Melbourne Podiatrist Ben Westaway takes the time to talk about the importance of good shoes and looking after your feet, both in and out of the workplace. Learn more, and feel free to email ben@pridepodiatry.com with any questions

In this episode we discuss

  • What does a podiatrist does and how can they help you?
  • How to help prevent injury if you sit all day
  • What’s a typical presentation to a podiatrist?
  • How to lessen the impact of wearing heels
  • What’s the biggest contributing factor to poor fitting and low quality work boots?
  • What’s the best way to fit your your workforce with quality work boots?
  • Can foot pain progress through the body?
  • Can the right shoes make you more productive?
  • How often should you change your running shoes?
  • Stinky feet!, what is the fix?
  • Are podiatrist covered under private health insurance?
  • What is the EPC scheme?
  • How to find a good podiatrist

Show notes

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Ben talks about the finer points of athletic shoe selection

Find a podiatrist near you

“Sitting will become the smoking of our generation”


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