Well & Good episode 1 with Dr Alan Hampson

This week we talk to Dr Alan Hampson, Chairman of the Influenza Specialist Group, who shares with us valuable insights and tips on how to minimize the impact of the flu at your workplace.



In this episode we discuss

  • How to optimize your workplace flu program to increase uptake
  • How does the Northern hemisphere flu season in Australia?
  • How effective are flu shots in the workplace?
  • If you get a flu shot, can you still get the flu?
  • How is influenza spread?
  • What can you do to protect your workplace from the flu?
  • Does the Flu reduce reaction time?
  • What is antiviral medication and how can it help reduce recovery time?
  • How serious is influenza?  Can it be fatal?
  • What is the flu gap?
  • How do you match the vaccine to the flu virus?
  • Can you determine the cost of the flu for your workplace?



How can the flu effect reaction time in drivers

Guillain-Barre syndrome

I am the flu