Alan Jones

Skin Cancer Doctor, Male

Dr Jones has almost 30 years of experience as a General Practitioner, and since 2012, he has focused on skin cancer medicine full-time. Dr Jones established the Chermside Medical Centre, where he was the Principal GP Registrar trainer and has continually advanced his surgical skills. As a Skin Cancer Physician, he worked at Molescan Chermside and Skin Patrol.

In 2017, Dr Jones founded The Skin Cancer Doctor, taking skin cancer screening and treatment to regional and rural communities and putting his flying credentials to good use. Four years later, Dr Jones acquired Skin Patrol, which delivers skin checks in workplaces Australia-wide.

As founder of the Australian Medical Football Team (Docceroos), Dr Jones has played soccer for club and country. He still takes his squash racquet to any town with a court and rarely misses a DJ opportunity.